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Morinniel, Oct 6, 12 11:37 AM.
Yup, we're pretty damn awesome. Vlad tanked that damn Caerog to death (after some 8 tries, cough cough), we totally kicked GS butt in a few PUGs (with Pith fuming at the stupidity of random players), and along with spidey's head, Mor now brings turtle's beak to our collection of Raid trophies. Kin house is gonna be pretty, when the time comes.

Additionally, we welcome amongst our ranks Dragyn, who is testing the waters to see if he actually likes us enough to stay (heresy! heresy!), and Dan, who immediately aligned himself with the kin's tea lobby. Tea-Beer is now at 2-0; take that, you alcoholics!

In other news, Pith's weekend drags him away from the computer, to everyone's dismay, and we can only hope he does not die of drawback pain, Zon is in a antisocial mood, Holly is still crafting as gleefully as ever (currenyly conquering the fine arts of tailoring...), and Tharn just wants to get the hell away from Moria/Loth and rep grinding. They are giving him wrinkles.

Next, the weather...

Newsitsies, my precious.

Morinniel, Oct 1, 12 7:23 AM.
Pith is struck deeply by cap-level-blues, existential ennui, end-game melancholy, and all those related diseases that make you stop questing and instead wonder what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything. We advise him to hold tight, and work on his alts as he waits for RoR.

Meanwhile, Tharn is adamant about proving hunters as awesome, while Haladren actually gets chatty, to everyone's general pleasure and astonishment. Holly is still on a crafting spree, and our newest captain, Redden (cheers, welcome, have fun, etc etc), is generally admitted to have "a very cool nickname".

Mor hits 65 and cannot shut up about her new leggies, while Zon is still working on earning his "cantakerous old git" deed. Vlad plays his LM alt, and looks f*****n' weird as anything else but a tank, while Kanthalion is freaking out by the cruelty of real life, which is forcing him to occasionally log out for weeks at a time. (Here is the part the audience gasps in horror)

Last but not least, a Tea vs Beer convo rouses much passion.

That is all for now,
your slightly insane bosslady,


Morinniel, Sep 27, 12 12:53 AM.
Let us have some more news.

A fairly disastrous run forces even the ever-laid-back Calzy to admit to the undeniable fact of "Lol, fail", but soon is turned into a triumph with the addition of much needed ranged DPS.

Zon and Pith, who are now officially joint at the hip, have hit cap, and hurt their foreheads on it. Now one broods and the other one hops around, waiting for RoR (I leave the guessing who does what to the reader).

Holly manages an extraordinary victory over technological hardships and joins us here, Vlad buys his wife roses, supposedly for her academic triumphs, but it is whispered that he is actually appeasing her for all the time he spends gaming, while Mor is going through her singing to trees phase (this, too, shall pass).

Tharn and Ran are still hunters.

Strat, quietly and burglar-like-y, is acquiring his first leggies and entering late game, and rumour has it he plans to hit cap behind everyone's back, to test his stealth skills.

We have also been joined by a certain Lexxy, who seems to have a fondness for smileys. A warm welcome for her.

No kinnies were harmed in the proccess of this news broadcast.


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Morinniel, Sep 25, 12 3:26 AM.
Kin news of the (yester)day:

We had two new mebers, which we, us usual, welcomed warmly and showered in (almost inappropiate) attention. One is a hunter, but he's still ok, which is a real breakthrough is stereotype smashing. The other is a teeny little rune keeper, and as usual, we try to be less insane around newbies, in order to avoid scaring them.

In other news, Mor is getting out of Moria (thank heavens), Vlad and Strat are trying to zoom up, Holly is having fun and drinking tea, Pith and Zon have become siamese and are entering endgame zone. Zon is also gloating over maxing some leggie, but he is allowed, and we love him. Calzy is making awesome jewelry, and he and Wolf think they whould start getting serious about rep grinding.

Also, voice chat options are being explored. Soon our kin shall be able to poke fun at one another even more intensely.

That was your news for this day, or two. Or three.

Thank you again for watching, this was the BBC.
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